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+ 62.5% RevPAR

Achieved a 62.5% increase in RevPAR in just one year

+ 0.5 points

Gained a 0.5 point annual increase in guest rating scores

+ 45% direct bookings

Boosted the ratio of direct bookings for our clients by 45% compared to

2023 első negyedév: válság? Nálunk nincs

Az Everguest széleskörű szolgáltatásainak köszönhetően nem érzed majd úgy többé, hogy le vagy maradva a versenytársaidhoz képest. A Revenue, Reputáció és Marketing csapat tapasztalt szakértői folyamatosan követik a legújabb trendeket és szinergiában dolgoznak bevételeid növelésén.

+ 3 million EUR

Revenue growth at three premier Everguest partner hotels

+ 8% reviews

Average increase in the number of guest reviews for our partners, contributing to higher reputation scores

+ 1.5 million EUR

Revenue growth from direct bookings at select Everguest partner hotels

+ 37.7% average rate

Half-yearly average rate increase at Everguest partner hotels

+ 160 action plans

Developed action plans contributing to enhanced guest experiences, involving an average of 40 business developments

+ 71% direct revenue

Average increase in revenue from direct bookings over a period

+ 120 consultations

Number of professional advisory sessions held in one year

+ 52% interaction

Average increase in user activity on social media platforms of Everguest partners

+ 13.5% occupancy increase

Average occupancy growth achieved in the first three months of collaboration

+ 44.9% revenue

Room revenue and RevPAR growth achieved in the first three months of partnership

+ 100% visitor

Room revenue and RevPAR growth achieved in the first three months of partnership

+ 27.8% average rate start

Quality user count more than doubled for partners utilizing Everguest marketing services

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